Unity – Prophets

As promised in my latest blog on the subject of unity, I will now adress the subjects of prophets as they are present within islam. In total, islam recognises a huge number of prophets, including Christ, Adam and David, who plays a very imporant part in jewish faith as well. This is not so surprising, taking into account that Muslims consider both the Old Testament and the Qu’ran as holy books. The definition of a prophet within Islam faith is someone  who has been chosen and favoured by Allah (God) to convey his message to the people on earth and to bring them to believe in and worship him alone. In Islam there are two types of prophets, one is the Nabi who are prophets sent to consolidate previous messages. The second type is the Rasool who are high prophets or messengers as they were sent a revelation in the form of a holy book. Muslims consider not only the Qu’ran as a holy scripture: Among the other holy scriptures are the Torah, as revealed to Moses, and the Psalms, revelead to David. It is difficult to estimate the total amount of prophets recognised by islam, partly because the Qu’ran refers to only 25. Another important scripture, however, mentions there have been 124.000 of them throughout history. In spite of these staggering numbers, one universally agrees that these five are the most important of them all:

– Abraham (Ibrahim)

– Moses (Musa)

– David (Dawud)

– Jesus (Isa)

– Muhammad


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