Unity – One God

As said before in this blog, the faith in one God and one God only is an important element that unites all muslims around the world. I will therefore give a brief explanation on when and where this faith found its beginning.

Mohammed is the one person who built the foundations of this new religion. Mohammed’s father died before he was actually born and his mother past away when he was only six. He was adopted by his uncle, who would take him on journeys to Syria. There it was he learned about Christianity and Judaism and at that time he first visited Jerusalem. When he was in his twenties, an old widow, Chadija, asked him to work for her as a trader. He moved to Mekka, the place of the Ka’aba, at that time an important subject for the local religion. Mohammed was member of a tribe that took care of this Ka’aba. Mohammed used to meditate in a nearby cave. The story goes that it was there angel Gabriel (Jibra’il) visited him in 610 A.C. It was there he received his messages from God and started to recite them. At that time, literature was mostly oral. Mohammed hence first recited his 114 soeras (chapters), before they were being written down in what is called the Qu’ranالقرآن.

After having left Mekka due to his changed status after his wife and uncle had died, he settled together with his comrades in Madinat un-Nabi, also called Medina. This journey is called hijra. He united his followers in the so-called umma, which I will adress later on. At this time, around 622, he built the first mosq (deriving from the Arabic word masjid).

In contrast to Christianity, where there had been a separation between christians who believed that Christ and God were one and christians who believed Christ was God’s son and therefore not the same, the monotheism in Islam was of a different kind. In islam, this matter has never really been a point of discussion. Mohammed is being presentated as Allah’s most important messenger or prophet. The matter of proophets recognised by the Islam, I will adress in my next blog on the subject of unity. Hope to see you there!


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