National Geographic Photography – Western Wall, Jerusalem

I have always been fascinated by Israel and Jerusalem in particular. I have no idea when and why this fascination started. What I do know is that Israel is one of the most interesting places on earth. Since I’m someone who loves  to read about other cultures, religions and habits as well as history, Israel … Continue reading

National Geographic Photography – Al-Kazimiyah Mosque, Baghdad

Look at this wonderful picture of a family visiting the Al-Kazimiyah Shrine in Baghdad, Iraq. I love the picture because of its beautiful colours and the adorable children in front. 

National Geographic Photography – Oil tanker, Persian gulf

The caption going with this breathtaking picture says: ”A relic of the Iran-Iraq war, this oil tanker was scuttled near the Kuwait-Iraq border on Saddam Hussein’s orders, to block access by sea to southern Iraq. Kuwaiti authorities are reluctant to remove the vessel for fear of damaging the wetlands of nearby Bubiyan Island, an important … Continue reading

National Geographic Photography – Tigris by dawn, Iraq

A man feeds the birds at dawn in Iraq. The river is the Tigris, together with the Euphrates a very important river for the area of Mesopotamia, famous for its fascinating cultural background. Thanks again to National Geographic Photography for letting me start this cloudy friday with such a beautiful picture. The light is magical. … Continue reading

National Geography Photography – Man mural, Turkey

Surfing on the web to find the most beautiful pictures to show you, I came across this one. Although I do not find it especially intruiging when it comes to light, one of the most important aspects of a great picture, yet I do think it is a very powerful image. All the individual handprints … Continue reading

National Geographic Photography – Train Ride, Istanbul

Watch this beautiful picture made during a normal train ride in Instanbul, Turkey, famous for its beautiful mosque. For more stunning footage, please click here. Related blogs: – National Geographic Photography – Museum of Islamic art, Qatar – National Geographic Photography – Hot air balloon, Turkey

National Geographic Photography – Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar

One of the most beautiful pictures on published today on National Geographic’s Photography website, which is a great source of inspiration and admiration. This picture shows the light shining through at the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar. Once you start looking at it, you will notice what the effect is. After a couple of … Continue reading

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