Tahar Ben Jelloun

As you might have noticed, I have referred to quotes made by Tahar Ben Jelloun several times over the last couple of days (click here and here). Born in Marocco, he is one of the most famous contemporary writers in the Arab world and is a very prolific writer, having written more than 30 pieces, … Continue reading

Diversity – Women Clothing #4 – Check this out

Of course there’s a lot I didn’t write in my last blogs on women clothing. As said, I am as ignorant as you may be. Fortunately, there are a lot of sites on this subject. Check out the following recommendations. The hijaab. The introduction is starting with: ”Yesterday, marked my 5 year anniversary of wearing … Continue reading

So You want to go to the Mosque!

Originally posted on American Muslim Convert:
As salam alaikum friends! As per request of a lovely sister, my second blog for today is about what to expect before during and after going to the mosque or masjid. Going to the masjid (mosque) is a very spiritual occasion. There’s nothing like the feeling of being in…

Diversity – Women clothing #3 – Burqa Ban in Europe

As said in this blog and  in this one, there has been a lot of debate about the question whether or not women should be allowed to wear certain forms of hijab. Should it be legislated to wear a headscarf, burqa or niqab in public? I will try to give you a brief overview of … Continue reading

Art in times of crisis – Syria

Click here for an article about how artists in Syria have depicted the political developments in their country.

On Pope Shenouda III

It might sound surprising, but I had never heard of Pope Shenouda III. It turns out he was a very important person in Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox church. After his death last week, I began to read about him and his significant influence. Do you, just like me, want to know more about this religion and … Continue reading

Kader Abdolah

For the Dutchies amongst my readers who are equally interested in the Qu’ran, here’s a tip: Iran-born Dutch writer Kader Abdolah has translated the Qu’ran in Dutch. Althought there had been made five translations already, this one I can highly recommend. The love and feeling for language Kader Abdolah is famous for fills me with … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time in …

No, not in the west this time. In Anatolia, to be precise. Set in a Turkish desert, Once upon a time in Anatolia is a very extraordinary movie. It has won the Cannes grand prix, but not everybody is positive about it altogether. In fact, people have walked out of it. How interesting! Watch the … Continue reading

A separation

One of the most exciting and remarkable movies released this year is A Separation, an award-winning drama directed by the Iranian Asghar Farhadi. A lot has been said and written about this. Yesterday, it was announced that the Iran will cancel the planned ceremony to honour Farhadi. Every reason to watch and read about this. For … Continue reading

A brief history of… Jerusalem!

Well, brief may not be the right word, since Jerusalem – The Biography consists of 732 pages. However, I think it is a great achievement to describe the history of a city so important and famous in only 732 pages. Click here to read an extensive review.

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