It’s been a long time.. but I’m back from Rome

Hi folks! Firstly: sorry for my long absence! It’s been too long. Today two weeks ago, I came back from Rome. Well: physically. Mentally I’ve been absent for a couple more weeks: It was an amazing, breathtaking and exhausting trip. Traveling in a large group (50 people) was new to me, and it has been … Continue reading

Rome, here I come!

Yes, my 7-day trip to Rome with all my classmates is now really almost starting! Tomorrow morning at 7.40 (Dutch time) we will leave for Rome. This means a lot of fun, jokes, sunny weather, nice food, beautiful people, arguments with classmates, wine, beer, art, churches, art, not much sleep, churches, art, churches, art.. etc. … Continue reading

Diversity – Women Clothing #2 – The Burqa Ban

I was just wondering, what is your opinion? Is it right that the burqa and other forms of hijab are being banned in some European countries? This Italian minister clearly doesn’t see any point in doing so. (More information about this laws will be posted here tomorrow) Related blogs: – Diversity – Women clothing – … Continue reading

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