Happy 1391! #2

The Guardian also pays attention to Nowruz by posting this beautiful pictures made by photographer Amin Mohammad Jamali.

Diversity – Women Clothing

As promised I will now tell you something about clothing: one of my favorite and, if you ask me, most interesting subjects we have discussed in class. Everytime we came across this, a lively debate was started on how clothing influence the morale and behavior of the people wearing it. I will first give you some … Continue reading

Happy 1391!

Happy New Year y’all! In a lot of countries, people are having New Year’s holidays right now to celebrate Nowruz, often referred to as Persian New Year. It usually takes place between the 20th and the 21th of March, which falls on the March equinox. This is not a coincedence at all, since the Persian calender starts … Continue reading

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