Daily quote – April the 30th

“A modern civilization is only possible when it is accepted that singular beings exist and express themselves freely.” – Tahar ben Jelloun

Daily quote – April the 9th

”For me, poetry is a situation – a state of being, a way of facing life and facing history.” – Tahar Ben Jelloun

Tahar Ben Jelloun

As you might have noticed, I have referred to quotes made by Tahar Ben Jelloun several times over the last couple of days (click here and here). Born in Marocco, he is one of the most famous contemporary writers in the Arab world and is a very prolific writer, having written more than 30 pieces, … Continue reading

Daily quote – April the 4th

”In the Arab world, there is no link between the cultural habits of peoples and the ways of thinking and creating of modern intellectuals. They are two separate worlds.” – Tahar Ben Jelloun Read more: – Daily quote – April the 1st

Daily quote – April the 1st

”We have no Arab intellectuals of international stature because we live in a state of generalized mediocrity. We are suspended in the pit without touching the bottom.” – Tahar Ben Jelloun

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