National Geographic Photography – Western Wall, Jerusalem

I have always been fascinated by Israel and Jerusalem in particular. I have no idea when and why this fascination started. What I do know is that Israel is one of the most interesting places on earth. Since I’m someone who loves  to read about other cultures, religions and habits as well as history, Israel … Continue reading

(Mentally) packing for Rome

As you might have noticed, I will visit Rome in about three weeks. I will spend eight days there with my schoolmates, since we’re  all attending grammar school and have studied Latin for five years now. Since there will be a strict program to  follow on this excursion, there won’t be much spare time to … Continue reading

To wear or not to wear – That’s the question

Daily quote – April the 9th

”For me, poetry is a situation – a state of being, a way of facing life and facing history.” – Tahar Ben Jelloun

Daily quote – April the 7th

”The Arab world also won the Nobel with me. I believe that international doors have opened, and that from now on, literate people will consider Arab literature also. We deserve that recognition.” – Naguib Mahfouz As we speak, I am reading a book by Egyptian Nobel Price Winner Naguib Mahfouz, called ”Children of Gebelawi”. His … Continue reading

Daily quote – April the 4th

”In the Arab world, there is no link between the cultural habits of peoples and the ways of thinking and creating of modern intellectuals. They are two separate worlds.” – Tahar Ben Jelloun Read more: – Daily quote – April the 1st

Daily quote – April the 3th

”Somebody was asking me the other day – President Bush is now talking about freedom for the Arab world. I say, well, that’s great. I was talking about that fifty years ago.” – Lakhdar Brahimi

Daily quote – April the 1st

”We have no Arab intellectuals of international stature because we live in a state of generalized mediocrity. We are suspended in the pit without touching the bottom.” – Tahar Ben Jelloun

Pillars of faith

Hey there! As you might know, the Islam faith has five basic principles that are very important for muslims. These principles are called the pillars. If you want to know more about the first pillar, the shahadah (the declaration of belief in God), please click on this link. This blog has been written by, … Continue reading

Daily quote – March the 31th

“Actually, in its purest form, Islam is incredibly tolerant. That makes what’s going on in the world really bizarre.” – Steve Earle

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