Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is a news service based in what you could call the centre of the Arab world. Although it is providing news from all over the world, the service is very well known and praised (and, of course, critisised) for its covering of the Arab spring. If you want to stay updated, please check … Continue reading

Diversity – Women Clothing #5 – Queen of Netherlands criticised for wearing a headscarf

Here’s an example of a discussion that has started about hijab in Holland. The Dutch Queen, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, wore a headscarf when visiting the U.A.E. out of ”religious respect”. Party for Freedom-leader Geert Wilders stated he thinks that the Queen gives off a wrong signal by doing so. He fears that by … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time in …

No, not in the west this time. In Anatolia, to be precise. Set in a Turkish desert, Once upon a time in Anatolia is a very extraordinary movie. It has won the Cannes grand prix, but not everybody is positive about it altogether. In fact, people have walked out of it. How interesting! Watch the … Continue reading

Arab spring

Also fascinated by the political developments in the Middle East? Click here for a beautiful summary of the Middle East protests during the so-called Arab Spring by the Guardian.

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