Rome, here I come!

Yes, my 7-day trip to Rome with all my classmates is now really almost starting! Tomorrow morning at 7.40 (Dutch time) we will leave for Rome. This means a lot of fun, jokes, sunny weather, nice food, beautiful people, arguments with classmates, wine, beer, art, churches, art, not much sleep, churches, art, churches, art.. etc. … Continue reading

National Geography Photography – Man mural, Turkey

Surfing on the web to find the most beautiful pictures to show you, I came across this one. Although I do not find it especially intruiging when it comes to light, one of the most important aspects of a great picture, yet I do think it is a very powerful image. All the individual handprints … Continue reading

National Geographic Photography – Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar

One of the most beautiful pictures on published today on National Geographic’s Photography website, which is a great source of inspiration and admiration. This picture shows the light shining through at the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar. Once you start looking at it, you will notice what the effect is. After a couple of … Continue reading

Art in times of crisis – Syria

Click here for an article about how artists in Syria have depicted the political developments in their country.

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