Religion in Rome

Rome is the city of the Catholic faith. Here’s some pictures… how about the similarity with muslim women clothing?

It’s been a long time.. but I’m back from Rome

Hi folks! Firstly: sorry for my long absence! It’s been too long. Today two weeks ago, I came back from Rome. Well: physically. Mentally I’ve been absent for a couple more weeks: It was an amazing, breathtaking and exhausting trip. Traveling in a large group (50 people) was new to me, and it has been … Continue reading

Rome, here I come!

Yes, my 7-day trip to Rome with all my classmates is now really almost starting! Tomorrow morning at 7.40 (Dutch time) we will leave for Rome. This means a lot of fun, jokes, sunny weather, nice food, beautiful people, arguments with classmates, wine, beer, art, churches, art, not much sleep, churches, art, churches, art.. etc. … Continue reading

(Mentally) packing for Rome

As you might have noticed, I will visit Rome in about three weeks. I will spend eight days there with my schoolmates, since we’re  all attending grammar school and have studied Latin for five years now. Since there will be a strict program to  follow on this excursion, there won’t be much spare time to … Continue reading

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