Tahar Ben Jelloun

As you might have noticed, I have referred to quotes made by Tahar Ben Jelloun several times over the last couple of days (click here and here). Born in Marocco, he is one of the most famous contemporary writers in the Arab world and is a very prolific writer, having written more than 30 pieces, … Continue reading

Kader Abdolah

For the Dutchies amongst my readers who are equally interested in the Qu’ran, here’s a tip: Iran-born Dutch writer Kader Abdolah has translated the Qu’ran in Dutch. Althought there had been made five translations already, this one I can highly recommend. The love and feeling for language Kader Abdolah is famous for fills me with … Continue reading

A brief history of… Jerusalem!

Well, brief may not be the right word, since Jerusalem – The Biography consists of 732 pages. However, I think it is a great achievement to describe the history of a city so important and famous in only 732 pages. Click here to read an extensive review.

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