Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is a news service based in what you could call the centre of the Arab world. Although it is providing news from all over the world, the service is very well known and praised (and, of course, critisised) for its covering of the Arab spring. If you want to stay updated, please check … Continue reading

Happy 1391! #2

The Guardian also pays attention to Nowruz by posting this beautiful pictures made by photographer Amin Mohammad Jamali.

How it all began

Now the title of this topic might sounds somewhat pompeous, please accept my apologies in this matter. It’s just that I am thrilled and excited to start this all and I’d like to tell who made me so ambitious. This person, full of enthousiasm and journalistic curiosity, is Joris Luyendijk. I think it’s fair to … Continue reading

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