It’s been a long time.. but I’m back from Rome

Hi folks!

Firstly: sorry for my long absence! It’s been too long. Today two weeks ago, I came back from Rome. Well: physically. Mentally I’ve been absent for a couple more weeks: It was an amazing, breathtaking and exhausting trip. Traveling in a large group (50 people) was new to me, and it has been a great experience. It was surprising and great to see how people I had known for five years turned out to be very different from how they came across at school and some new friendships have been made, I’m sure. One of the best things about traveling is meeting new people. Friday, after visiting the Musei Capitolini, which where started by Pope Sixtus IV, we took a bus back to the hotel. In this bus I met a very nice man and we started a conversation. In the end, we were talking about philosophy (Nietzsche), the purpose of life and religion. It was a bizarre situation: in a crowded bus in Rome, both trying not to fall back and with my classmates listening. We exchanged email-adresses and agreed to meet again that week: this didn’t happen. Apparently, this man had fallen in love with me and he kept stalking me when back in Holland! You probably understand.. I dealt with this first before started again with my beloved blog. But I’m back…the weather is great..and in 6 weeks time I’ll leave for Israel!

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