(Mentally) packing for Rome

As you might have noticed, I will visit Rome in about three weeks. I will spend eight days there with my schoolmates, since we’re  all attending grammar school and have studied Latin for five years now. Since there will be a strict program to  follow on this excursion, there won’t be much spare time to explore the city myself. This means I have to spend my time well. I would like to know if some of you have any tips that are not in all the tourist manuals?Any great (and cheap, we’re students) restaurants, cafes or bars?

Moreover, I will be trying to discover what Arab legacy/culture I can find in Rome. Now I have found one place  I think will be interesting:

– Close to the Vatican, there is the largest mosque of Europe, which can accomodate 12,000(!) people


Do some of you have other recommendations? I would be really grateful!


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