Problems when writing a blog

As you might have noticed, I didn’t post a daily quote yesterday. Of course, it was not intentional, it was just that:

  • My cat joined me yesterday morning and forced me to stay in bed to stroke her (alright, I was just to weak to deny her).
  • Since I had had a party friday evening, I only (really) woke up at about 12.00
  • My football match was supposed to start at 14.45 but actually started at 15.00
  • So I came back home at 17.00
  • This made me have to hurry, since I had to be at work in the restaurant at 18.00
  • My work ended at 02.00
  • And now I’m here, whilst I actually have to do my homework, writing a blog about problems when writing a blog.

I guess the morale of this little story is: Wake up early. Or: Don’t go to work. Don’t play football. Whatever.


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