Tahar Ben Jelloun

As you might have noticed, I have referred to quotes made by Tahar Ben Jelloun several times over the last couple of days (click here and here). Born in Marocco, he is one of the most famous contemporary writers in the Arab world and is a very prolific writer, having written more than 30 pieces, from novels to theatre plays. I have read one book written by him, called (translated from the Dutch) ”Daddy, what is a muslim?”. It is very informative and easy to read, which makes it a perfect book for people interested in Islam. In the same series, he has also written a book called ”Le racisme expliqué à ma fille”, meaning ”Explaining racism to my daughter”. Apart from this, I am interested in his novel ”La nuit sacrée”, meaning ”The sacred night”. Since my mum teaches French at highschool, she reads this book every year with her class. I am determined to read it soon in French. I will keep you updated on this ambitious project, since my French is not perfect, to say the least. I was wondering.. Have you ever read anything written by Tahar Ben Jelloun?




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