Diversity – Men clothing #1

Suprisingly, not only women wear clothes. Men do too! They do so in various different ways, according to their religion, education, etc. I will try to describe the most common clothing men wear today in the Arab world.

  • Thawb: The thawb (thaub, thobe) is the traditional Arab clothing for men. It is most commonly worn by men in the Arabian Peninsula (Saudia Arabia, Jemen, Oman, etc.) It looks like this:


  • If I am right, the men on this picture are also wearing an keffiyeh, a traditional Arab headdress, fastened around the head with a so-called agal, which usually is black in colour. The keffiyeh occurs in different colours. It might have become more well-known when Yassar Arafat adopted it during in the 1960s, usually wearing one in black and white. Therefore, it is sometimes called a Palestinian national symbol. Over the last years, it has become an accessory amongst (western) youth as well, wearing it around their necks.


  • Djellaba: mostly worn in the Maghreb (North-Africa) by both women and men. It is loose and most of the times quite long, reaching to down to the ground. The colour of the djellaba has a meaning too: The colour indicates whether or not the wearer is married. A dark brown djellaba means the wearer is bachelor.
  • JellabiyaA traditional Egyptian garment worn by both women and men in Egypt and Sudan. It differs slightly from the thawb: It has a wider cut, no collar and longer sleeves.



So these are the first examples in a long row of men clothing! These clothes are mainly worn in the Arabian Peninsula and the Maghreb. Of course, in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, where there is a very large muslim community as well, there are other forms of dressing up. I hope you have enjoyed this blog and learned from it, I’ll be back soon with another blog on this topic.

4 Responses to “Diversity – Men clothing #1”
  1. Actually, I also do not know the name of the clothes.

    It was my first time heard about Djellaba. If you dont tell me, I will think it was a monk (Friar Tuck) in Robin Hood time.

    ‘Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey there. Haha, that’s fun. It might indeed look a bit strange at first, especially when you’re used to ”western” clothes, like me. Nevertheless it is worn quite frequently in a lot of areas. I am happy you enjoyed my blog.

  2. I was curious if you ever considered changing the structure of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

    • Hey there. Thanks for your compliment. I do indeed consider changing the theme or the structure of my blog. Since it is my first (serious) attempt to blog, I do not quite know which theme to choose best. I tried to change it a couple of times, but that did not improve my blog at all. I should take a day to just play with it and look what’s working best. Do you have any suggestions on this matter?

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