Diversity – Women Clothing #4 – Check this out

Of course there’s a lot I didn’t write in my last blogs on women clothing. As said, I am as ignorant as you may be. Fortunately, there are a lot of sites on this subject. Check out the following recommendations.

  • The hijaab. The introduction is starting with: ”Yesterday, marked my 5 year anniversary of wearing the hijaab and it’s been a life changing decision; not only affecting my wardrobe styles, but also my friends, work and so much more.”  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Blogs about fashion and more.
  • Hijab art –  Blog written by an artist making a lot of paintings and such about hijaab. Very inspiring and thought-provoking.
  • Steal this hijab! – ”Feminism without borders.” Blogs about the Islam in general, but mainly about the position of women within the Arab world, a subject (some think) directly related to women clothing.
  • Wikipedia – Wikipedia page on facts about hijab. (Please remember Wikipedia is a great source, but sometimes inaccurate.)

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