So You want to go to the Mosque!

After reading some of the post on this wordpress blog, I decided to ask the writer if she wanted to help me by writing a blog about going to the mosque and the rituals it involves. Here it is! I hope you’ll enjoy it and learn as much from it as I did. And to this very friendly fellow blogger I’d only like to say: Thank you so much for writing this!

American Muslim Convert

As salam alaikum friends!

As per request of a lovely sister, my second blog for today is about what to expect before during and after going to the mosque or masjid. Going to the masjid (mosque) is a very spiritual occasion. There’s nothing like the feeling of being in the house of Allah. Praying in the masjid is a special experience, at least for me and most Muslims.

First things first, only men are obligated to attend the masjid on Fridays for Jummah prayer but women are definitely permitted to go and are rewards for doing so. But, women are also permitted to stay at home and pray and will not lose any reward in doing so. You may go to the masjid any day of the week and most are open, but you will probably find the most people on Fridays (Jummah prayer) and during holidays and special occasions…

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  1. Amani says:

    Thanks for the report. Salam sis and you’re very welcome 🙂

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