So, time for a new starting point. Of course there are a lot of things that people within the Arab world share, but there are major differences as well and these are very fascinating if you ask me. Some examples of what I am planning to write about when it comes to this:

– clothing: niqaab, burqa, hijaab, djellaba, etc.

– architecture: differences between mosques all over the world

– religion: differences between groups of muslims, sji’i and sunni, etc.

– ways in which the Qu’ran has been interpretated throughout the years

– language: arabic, berber, turkish, etc.

Of course I will continue to write on the other subjects as well. If you have any suggestions for a topic, they are always welcome. Any comments? Don’t hesitate to place them below or email me personally (arabexperience@gmail.com). Hope to see you seen again soon!


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