How it all began

Now the title of this topic might sounds somewhat pompeous, please accept my apologies in this matter. It’s just that I am thrilled and excited to start this all and I’d like to tell who made me so ambitious. This person, full of enthousiasm and journalistic curiosity, is Joris Luyendijk. I think it’s fair to say he is one of the best Dutch journalists around these days and it did not at all struck me by surprise that the Guardian, the Princeton of the newsservices, asked him to write a blog on their website about the intruiging world of finance. What makes this blog so special, apart from Luyendijk’s journalistic qualities, is the fact that everyone can join in and share their knowledge. Actually it is the 21th- century equivalent of Socrates’ school for philosophers: one person, apparently ignorant and without any knowledge, starts a conversation on a certain subject and all the spectators can join in to share what they do and do not know. How fascinating it is that this idea turns out to be one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to learn and has been for so long. The social media- Facebook, Twitter, etc.- make this even easier. How lucky I am!

As a matter of fact, Luyendijk did not know anything about the world of finance and I do not know anything about the Arab world. Today, a couple of months after he started this project, he has enlightened many subjects on his weblog, starting with answering the most obvious questions- to which the answer is, of course, not always as obvious one might expect. Answering these questions is exactly what I would like to do by writing this blog. Of course, I do not know whether I will succeed in doing it. I would also like to say that of course I don’t even try to come close to his style of writing and his way of exploring this new world. In contrast to him, I do not speak English fluently, I do not have a group of experienced people working around me, my sources are yet to be found and my journalistic experience is still unborn. It just so happened that he introduced me to his lucid idea. Let’s go!


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