Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above.

Or just decide to keep it the same. Hello world again and welcome to this brand new blog on the Arab world. To get you (and myself) started, first some information on who I am what this is actually all about.

Let’s start with a little biography. I’m Fleur, a 17-year old girl from The Netherlands. I’ve always been interested in other cultures, languages and religion in particular. It just so happens that the Arab world and its culture has drawn my special attention. Why, I could not tell you. Maybe it was the terrorist attack on 9/11, but it might just as wel have been the lessons on religion I followed when I was an eleven-year old. I henceforth find myself very lucky to live in an era in which detailed information is literally to be found in my pocket. But here we come to the crux of this little story I wanted to start the weblog with. As some of you might know, the political debate in Holland has been dominated by the Arab world, more specifically the Islam faith, for quite some years. Since I am interested in both religion and politics, this debates have always amazed me and still do. Because I don’t understand them, that is.

Now you could just say: search Google and you’ll know everything you need to know. Of course, in a way, this is true. But when I want to understand what these debates and discussions at school are all about, I’ll have to find out myself. And that, to end with, is what this blog is all about. I’m not here to judge or to presume to already understand. I’m here to try to get a tiny insight in this mighty world that’s called  Arabic Culture. (Er.. Is it? Isn’t it called the ” Middle East”, or..? Well, you get my point.)


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